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Last week, I dared various individuals to come and test me now in a battle regarding two somewhat-storied and not-really-fabled singing groups from Atlanta. As was expected, some people agreed with my points. To be fair, “I Wish” has long been one of my favorite Bad Boy songs. Slim from 112 From last week’s post: “‘Round 112 way, we all know Slim is the lead – he’s the most prominent lead singer despite being the worst singer of the group.” #factsonly Worst singer doesn’t really tell the story. Summer Rain deez is usually how this conversation ends. I won’t pretend that John Legend doesn’t have songs that I like because he does. John Legend I realize he is a Grammy-award and now Oscar-award winning artist. First, and I’ve never written about it with the fervor that I feel though I had every intention of doing so, “Glory” is trash. But that trash is ONLY saved by John Legend’s crooning, non-singing ass which as you can imagine has given me agita. John Legend sings like he’s got marbles in his mouth, but not like Michael Mc Donald.

For instance, saying that Nate is the worst singer in Boyz II Men is unfair.

Also, this is “best voice” in a none of them can really sing that well (aside from Johnny Gill) so who is the best of the worst kind of thing.

And I might be able to argue that Ricky had a better voice than him.

I haven’t purchased a Mary album post and I’m not entirely convinced she’s released an album since then.

my love for Mary has come despite her lack of range. I’ve always been surprised when folks like Mary (and Amerie) get live singing gigs, but not of their hits but of songs that folks who can actually SING usually perform.

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