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New Electronic Freeze Form (Norman Programs) As of July 1, Norman departments can use the electronic freeze form to submit a hiring freeze exemption form.Paper forms will be accepted until January 2018, but the electronic version is the preferred form.

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Another function of the act is to establish rules and regulations.

Association members can vote for or against directors, but in New Jersey they generally cannot act to approve or reject their association's annual budget. That doesn't mean that the board doesn't have to answer for its actions, says Smith.

"They're responsible for the operation, management and administration of the association.

Self-government like this appeals to those who like to have a say in how their community is managed and determines when to take certain actions, such as repairs, improvements, and additions.

The system also establishes rules, however; and if not properly balanced, those rules can occasionally come into conflict with the rights of individual homeowners.

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