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But Seidman says smokers can take steps to change their behavior that can help make their quit attempts successful: understand your smoking patterns, prepare to make a change, plan a successful quit day, become aware of your personal smoking triggers, and so on.

"Ive been doing this kind of work for 20 years and these are the things you need to know to have a successful journey out of [quitting] smoking," adds Seidman, the author of Smoke-Free in 30 Days. [ pagebreak ]To quit smoking, start talking Digital natives—people who have grown up with the Internet—may be more comfortable with, and likely to use, social media than people who are older, says Norman, who recently worked on a project in which young people interviewed their peers on camera about smoking and uploaded the videos to You Tube.

"Sometimes, when you first quit, you feel all alone, and the online reinforcement is very comforting." Kick the Habit...

Without Gaining a Pound Easy tricks to keep the weight off when you quit smoking Read more More about smoking cessation Twenty years ago, smokers who wanted moral support while quitting had relatively few options.

However, he adds that web programs are "not designed for necessarily everybody.

Oftentimes people will use multiple methods to help them quit." Many experts agree that online tools are a useful adjunct for people trying to quit smoking, but theres no silver bullet.

Randolph says that in-person counseling, in addition to Facebook, is helping him kick his habit.

Seidman, Ph D, who led the study and directs the smoking-cessation service at Columbia University Medical Center, in New York City.

Seidman adds that the success rate of Smoke Clinic is similar to telephone counseling or brief therapy sessions.

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