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The Pharaoh, on hearing this prophecy, ordered that every male child born to the Hebrews should be killed by drowning.

In hopes of preventing his death, Moses' parents placed him in a small basket, which they set adrift on the Nile.

Precisely carved upon its sides (and upon the sides of many other nearby stelae) are what seem to be representations of multiple storeys with floors between them.

Each storey features several window-like carvings and, at the base of the obelisks, what appear to be false doors complete with knockers and locks.

The tallest of the monoliths, now fallen and broken into six massive pieces, was 33.3 meters tall and weighed an estimated five tons (the largest Egyptian obelisk is that of King Tutmosis, 32.16 meters high and now standing in Rome).

The tallest obelisk still standing at Axum today is 23 meters.

Upon the foundations of the ancient pagan temples, a great church of St. This church, probably the earliest Christian church in sub-Saharan Africa, was visited in the early 1520’s by the Portuguese explorer, Francisco Alvarez.

Writing of the church, Alvarez says: “It is very large and has five naves of a good width and of a great length, vaulted above, and all the vaults are covered up, and the ceiling and sides are all painted; it also has a choir after our fashion ...

Due to their proximity to nearby tombs, the obelisks may possibly have been used as memorials to deceased kings and queens, but this is only a speculation.

Are these carvings merely artistic ornamentations or did they have some deeper function?

An even greater mystery surrounds the ancient city of Axum.

Mary of Zion, probable location of the Holy Arc of the Covenant.

The early history of Ethiopia (also called Abyssinia) begins with the glorious but little known kingdom of Axum.

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