Polycom phone updating initial configuration

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Now that you have pointed your phones to a central provisioning server, you can use that to configure specific settings on your devices.

Methods of configuration will vary depending on the tool that you’re using.

We recommend that you refer to the documentation for your specific tool.

We have tried to lay out the variety of methods that will help guide you to dial-tone.

Your Free PBX / PBXact system must be on firmware version / -11 or later to take advantage of Zero-Touch auto-provisioning for your Sangoma Phone.

The following information is assuming that you have already configured extension and User Manager accounts within your Free PBX / PBXact .When using a central server, you will be configuring the device settings through the server’s GUI.Since that varies between different solutions (Broadsoft, Core Dial, Phonism, etc..), we will help you get your phone pointed to that server.You can verify the IP Address of EPM within the EPM Global Settings: If you are using HTTP for the mode you will need to set the Port Number that your PBX is setup to listen on for HTTP provisioning as shown in the Global Settings section of End Point Manager.Example would be with 84 being the Port Number Now that we have told our phone how to reach the PBX using a redirect server and we have verified that End Point Manager is setup in our PBX and our users have permissions for Phone Apps we will now log our phone into the PBX.

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