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The members of our dust gang were the closest I had to kin, though none of us had a blood relation. Dig and I were like sisters, Gourd like a brother, and Jak—well, Jak. I strode over, reached for a handhold—and the race was on. It took only seconds to reach the midwalk halfway up the canal from the ground to the ceiling. In fact, it might be more dangerous there; we didn’t fight to kill, only to keep what was ours. She sent a drug punker to tell Dig she had to get back on her own. She would never let such a blatant challenge go unpunished. Being rock-headed instead of smart, I said, “Not do! All we had to do was agree to a few drug runs and Jadix would let us go. “Got a mouth on you, girl.” Jadix tilted her head at Jak. I hefted myself onto the path a few seconds after Dig, losing the race by less than a handspan. When she put her hands on her hips and grinned, I laughed. She may have lost our fight, but she’d won the race. No matter how many fights we won, how many races we finished, how many foes we conquered, I couldn’t enjoy our successes. # We found Gourd in the large cave where everyone in our circle slept. The above-city had zero interest in us, which was how we liked it. We didn’t want our foes to die, because then we wouldn’t have anyone to compete against. I could no longer ignore the ache of hunger that had taken over my body. Dig figured out how in a few days, with maps the punker gave her. I held back, but it took every bit of self-control I possessed. Dig jerked her chin in that way she did when she wanted me to shut up. “You take run or I take him.” “Nahya.” I clenched my fists so hard, the fingernails cut into my skin. Pharaoh’s Army of the Skolian Imperialate Imperial Space Command In writing this statement, I’ve used language I didn’t know in my youth, as a girl in the Undercity. “Figure out pay.” I had no idea if I could find a way to pay Jadix without doing a drug run, but I didn’t want Dig caught in the middle again. Word of our patronage spread, and after that, people left Orin alone when he visited. I’d never seen anyone “crack down” on the cartels, Either that, or a lot went on in Cries that we didn’t hear about in the aqueducts. We were experts at hiding and killing, and they knew it. We gave our names in the aqueducts as rarely as we gave smiles, only to people we trusted. It would be difficult for me to give a full statement otherwise. Today I showed him to a little cave where ancient pipes jutted out of the walls, broken and dusty. We had a bargain: as long as we stayed in the aqueducts, they didn’t bother us. The cartels ran product up there, too, so maybe more went on than I thought.

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We practiced hand-to-hand combat, learned new methods from established gangs, and tried out new ideas, all to defend our territory in the aqueducts. Why anyone called these underground ruins “aqueducts,” I had no idea, because no water had run through them for as long as anyone remembered, besides which, they were too large for aqueducts. We never bothered to cut it, but I tied mine back when it annoyed me. In the end, he won four rounds, Jadix won two, and they passed on the rest. Saying what he meant to me is hard even now, nearly thirty years later. Not Jak.” I had no idea why Jak hadn’t shown up for our workout. Our fight had stirred up a cloud of dust, mostly red, with glints of blue from traces of azurite. I catch you pinching my food again, I let my punkers work you the hell over. At the age of fifteen, I knew only that he and I had a lot to discover about each other. We ran hard, we ran for the sheer pleasure of speed, and we ran to outpace the death grasping at our heels. More and more lately, he disappeared, for hours, even days at a time. The small lamp on my wrist gauntlet created a sphere of light around us, with darkness beyond. It floated in the air, gradually settling back onto the ground. However, I’ve done my best to stay true to the way I thought in those days. We sat on the ground, and while he cleaned dust off the pipes with his various brushes, I drank my fill of the water he’d brought. He claimed we spoke different “dialects” of the same language, whatever that meant, but it had taken me a while to get used to his heavy accent. “Old pipes.” Well, yah, of course they were old pipes. For spoken words, I’ve used the Undercity manner of speech. “I think these conduits are even older than the last ones you showed me,” he said. Orin wasn’t fooled by my attempts to look as if I had no interest. “I’ll bet this was a maintenance room in the aqueducts, thousands of years ago.” I frowned at all his unnecessary syllables. They were here when our ancestors came.” “Who build?

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