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Then there’s the Trumpian argument from the aforementioned Stern tape: According to the man who will lead this country’s mighty force of women and girls, 30 is the “perfect age” for a girlfriend, but 35-year-olds are damaged goods, thanks to that unwieldy overdose of “life experience.” My gut reaction was to take morbid offense to this chauvinist little nugget and argue that there’s no such thing as “too experienced.” Of course Trump would see living, learning, and presumably acquiring some wisdom along the way as a burn rather than a benefit in a woman, I thought.After all, the very moment that he blurted out that Hillary Clinton was “such a nasty woman” during the final debate, she was flexing her own political and life experience, going toe to toe with a man-terrupting bully.

Don’t do “The Howard Stern Show” because he’s been a Hillary supporter.When I watched his speech I, too, had that reaction. You know how many guys and women are having affairs? So for everyone to be so holier than thou and say they can’t buy into the fact that he had a love affair with Hillary. Is it fair to say you like him as a guy but not as a candidate? I believe she would be an extremely powerful president. If you’re in familiar surroundings, you can make someone feel welcomed in your place. If you’ve ever checked out this place, Mar-a-Largo, it is fantastic. I don’t know that that’s fair for me to say what he said to me off the air. So would that be a fabulous moment for me to try to communicate with Hillary Clinton in front of my audience? And I love the idea it could go on for three hours. I’d want to hear what it was like being so accomplished and so skilled and then basically deciding, hey, Bill, I’ll become a mother and let you do it. I was able to evaluate Bill Clinton as a president without sitting there. I don’t dislike Trump as a candidate but I am absolutely enamored by Hillary. Hillary as a president was sort of dream of mine for a long time. You voted for Obama but did you support her over him in the 2008 primary? If Hillary agrees to come on, do you do that interview in your studio or do you go somewhere? I had [Maron] on once but honestly, I haven’t heard his show. So your producers reached out to the Clinton campaign. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having someone in who is pressured somehow and kind of overhype the experience. Quite frankly, I’ve spoken to Donald Trump off the air and I’ve said, why the hell you would want to be president? You’ve had Steve Martin on, Bill Murray, Mc Cartney, almost everyone. I talk to actors about what it’s like when they audition for a movie or they get offered a movie, they turn it down and then someone else takes it, and it becomes the biggest hit. (You have to wonder how he’d feel now, however, if his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, “checked out” on his daughter and trusted adviser, Ivanka Trump, who turned 35 in October.)I made a mental note of Trump’s thoughts on women of 35—more “locker room” talk, I’m sure—when the story surfaced last fall.During those glory days, the prospect of his presidency was but a bad dream, and I was a spritely 34—still safely in the realm of what Trump would deem dateable!

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