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"Fuck yeah," Jimmy groaned and Lenny's moans of pleasure could be heard as he swallowed Jimmy's load. " Beth cried out as Gary roughly picked her up and lowered her pussy onto his waiting cock.She wrapped her arms and legs around the muscular young man and groaned as the tip of his cock hit the entrance to her cervix. On cue, Junior started to whine from his bedroom for Mommy. "I'm Theresa Breedlove and this is my husband, Gary Breedlove. Jimmy and Gary changed the oil, slapped a new spark plug on it, filled it with gas, and Breedlove-Smith lawn care was born. Theresa turned, kissed her husband and went to get the fussing girl. " "There's got to be something we can do," Gary said and opened the door to the garage. Gary's dad had bought a new mower, one that was self-propelled, and no longer used the older mower.Unwittingly, she began to rub her pussy through the thin material of her bikini bottom.Gary Moved toward her and slid the bikini bottom off, exposing her hairless mound."I saw the new owner," Theresa went on and hugged her husband from behind. "God damn, that is so fucking sweet," Jimmy moaned. They finished the yard, gathered all the clippings into a garbage bag and left the back yard. Warren never gave any indication that she noticed them. " Lenny smirked and both Gary and Jimmy shook their heads no. Both boys felt their shorts begin to tent out when she rolled over and slowly applied lotion to the back of her thighs. " Lenny asked them and Jimmy smiled as he peeled off three twenties. " "Twenty for this time, plus the twenty you owe us from last time," Jimmy corrected him. Jimmy ran back around the front as Lenny was preparing to drive off in his Lincoln Town car. The Puddle of semen that was seeping into the cheap rug told Gary and Beth and Jimmy that Lenny had indeed enjoyed Jimmy's ass pounding.

She stood and watched her husband sucking and slurping on another man's cock for a long moment.

Gary could feel his cock getting hard as the man sucked on his cock like a baby sucks on a nipple. " She coughed and gagged as he thrust his cock into her mouth but he did not cease in his brutal face fuck.

"Mother fucker likes sucking cock," Gary laughed and began to fuck Lenny's face. "Fuck him; I'm going to see if the bitch over here likes sucking cock too." "No, please, no," Beth, whimpered. She screamed out as he ripped her tee shirt down the front and began cruelly pinching and squeezing her quite impressive breasts and nipples. " he finally said and pulled out of her spluttering mouth and sprayed her face with is come. ---- Both Gary and Jimmy waited all weekend for the inevitable knock at the door, waited for the cops to take them to jail for breaking and entering, rape, robbery; by the time Monday morning rolled around, Gary had tallied up thirty two different things they could be charged with.

Gary sat and drank his beer and watched Lenny masturbate his small cock as his wife was forced to suck another man's cock. Both eighteen year olds went about pushing their lawnmower up and down the streets of their neighborhood, picking up as many clients as they could.

Lenny sprayed his come onto the floor as Jimmy sprayed his wife's face with come. "Going to need the money for bail," Gary joked with Jimmy.

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