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“Because of the pressure of their lives here—no jobs, no prospects—religion became a refuge, a solace.”The official unemployment rate is 15 percent, but Said Ferjani, a senior official of the Ennahda party (a moderate Islamic party that is part of the government’s coalition), says it is probably closer to 20 to 25 percent.The African Development Bank in Tunis puts unemployment among young college graduates at 34 percent.A soldier loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad walks beside a dead body, which is claimed to be an ISIS fighter, in the Mahr and Shaer gas fields near Homs, November 15, 2014.Syria has been flooded by ISIS fighters from Tunisia, a tiny nation on the cusp of democracy that has become the top recruiting area for the militant group.é, sipping an espresso and wearing a neat button-down dress shirt, the brother of Jabeur Khachnaoui, one of two men who killed 21 tourists at the National Bardo Museum in March, is still coming to grips with what happened that day.“It’s so horrible and so ironic, as my brother was dragged into this stuff, and I am writing my doctoral thesis on religious tolerance,” says the Ph. student of philosophy who asked The brothers grew up in the countryside, sons of a prosperous olive farmer.Jabeur, the youngest, often felt isolated because his siblings were so much older, Mohammed recalls.é in Douar Hicher, a suburb of Tunis, Asim (not his real name), a 25-year-old engineering student, sits drinking tea and smoking a cigarette.He has, at last count, nine friends, some of them college graduates, fighting in Syria.

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The attack on the Bardo was not just a blow to tourism in Tunisia, one of the biggest sources of revenue for the country; it forced Tunisians to address radicalization in their society.Tunisia sends the largest number of foreign jihadists to fight for ISIS in Syria.The Ministry of Interior estimates the number to be around 3,000, although a precise figure is difficult to determine.They promise you heaven when heaven is not theirs to give.” He sighs. There were so many boys from my neighborhood who went to Syria that they actually named a battalion after it.”His Biggest Secret In Labidi's middle-class home in the Omrane al-Alaa neighborhood of Tunis, his family is still in shock, months after he attacked the Bardo Museum.His mother, father and younger sister (who ask not to be identified by name) receive me graciously, if tearfully. She brings out dishes of homemade chickpea cookies and glasses of tea.

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