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He's rough on his things and it's holding up well. This is not an "Arctic" weight coat, but definitely a good winter coat down to 30 degrees if you are actively moving around.The reinforced shoulders make the fit really comfortable and don't restrict movement. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but it was delivered to our home while I was at work. This is the first "small" I've worn in any size since middle school so they do run large.

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I recently ordered the Jefferson jacket , and I cannot tell you how satisfied I am . This is my work jacket, my motorcycle jacket, and also my every day sport jacket.Upon putting the jacket on though, i realized that, while it was comfortable to stand still in, it was much too big to move in a functional way while wearing.I purchased and am returning a size XL and I am 5' 9 250lbs, wear a 40x30 pant, typically wear 2XL shirts, dress shirt size 18 or 18 1/2 collar with 34-35 sleeve and built like a block with big shoulders and chest (I have a "used to be athletic, but isn't as athletic anymore" belly, but not one of those sticks out and is hard as a rock "beer belly") and I thought the jacket was WAY too big in the stomach area.I hear a lot of people complaining about the zipper, but there is a method to the madness. Please make more jackets like this , in different duck materials Thanks. Looks great feels great, perfect with a vest, very comfy driving and working outdoors. PLEASE READ MY WHOLE REVIEW IF YOU HAVE AN ATHLETIC BUILD BUT HAVE PUT ON EXTRA POUNDS IN AS YOU' VE AGED.So Far so good, would have gave it a 5 star, but zipper can be a little tricky, prob due to the double zip factor. Just bought 2 weeks ago, should last for years, we will see? Best part was the 40% discount, and just what I was looking for. I loved the look of the jacket when I first opened it (maybe a shade darker on the orange would be nice as it is not in the "hi-vis" section of the site) and looked it over for a minute to look for any defects or any abnormalities, but it was in great condition.

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