Are max irons and saoirse ronan dating

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He was like ‘Oh yea, I won this dance competition once! The little cryopod things cause they can be used for paper weights as well.

’ And we were like ‘Oh my God, when was that and what did you do and stuff? I don’t know if anyone else danced’ I wonder if it’s on Youtube!

SR: The last song I downloaded was a song by Daughter called “Human”. SR: It was good, and it’s free before their album comes out. They’re a really good band, a really good English band, you should check them out. You know that song that she has “I Knew You Were Trouble” and it’s like twenty seconds of her song and it’s right before she goes into the chorus and you know when she hits that high note? And we went to see this guy, I think his name’s Ralph or Ray, or something like that. And he was a great guy, so we had really fun times doing that. JJ: I thought he said he was a break dancer when he was younger. JJ: Did both of you pick it up at the same time or was one a better dancer than the other? SR: Yea, he did this break dance mix tape at a disco when he was like ten years old. There was a few of those things that I really wanted to steal and then just didn’t have enough time. I might find out where they are, but I want to steal it though! Saoirse is starring in big screen adaptations of Ian Mc Ewan's novel On Chesil Beach, and play The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, both due out later this year.Greta Gerwig's directorial debut Lady Bird will also star Soairse.

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